The Six-Day Financial Makeover: Transform Your Financial Life in Less Than a Week (HardCover)

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  • This isn''t your father''s personal finance book. The way we currently save and invest is confusing, frustrating, and quite simply doesn''t work. Get ready for a personal finance book that is actually unique. Get ready for financial strategies that you''ve never seen or heard before. Get ready to transform your financial life in less than a week! Robert Pagliarini has taken budgeting, investing, insurance, and retirement planning--subjects that most of us find stressful and overwhelmingly complex--and made it approachable and even manageable through his unsinkable optimism and relentless simplification process. He says, "We''re going to take the pie-in-the-sky theories and turn them into bite-size pieces that you can and will be able to implement in your life immediately." THE SIX DAY FINANCIAL MAKEOVER does a lot of things really well, but I''ll just tell you about three. First and foremost it actually provides advice--yes, real advice. Not wishy-washy "maybe you should do this" or "it all depends on your situation" nonsense (what Robert calls "financial fog"). Second, it has an action bias. No, not really a bias, more like a mantra. Implement, implement, implement is the theme in every chapter and on every page (there''s even a patent-pending free web site at readers can use to help them take the advice they read and incorporate it into their lives). Three, it is full of brand-new, never seen before financial shortcuts and strategies such as: Why your seven year old is a better investor than you are . Kids intuitively understand how to save and invest better than most adults. The trick is focus and creating separate physical accounts for the myriad goals we have. There is no "right" way to invest . What''s crucial is that people determine their investment personality - particularly how involved they want to be with investing - and let that be their guide. Disregarding one''s investment personality and pursuing an approach that''s not compatible with it is a recipe for disaster. Why you shouldn''t work for a paycheck . Most of us work to earn a paycheck, right? Well that''s the wrong way to think about work. Once we can align our life''s vision and deepest goals to our income, we start to see our purpose for waking up each morning entirely differently. Work is no longer work--it becomes a catalyst that helps us achieve our goals. The most important thing you should save for (and it''s not retirement!). What''s more important and more satisfying than retirement? Financial independence. Discover how many days your passive income could support your lifestyle (if your score is less than 31, don''t quit your day job). The more information and choices you have, the worse your finances will be .